We integrate our understanding of business and social-sciences methodologies to derive perspectives on the global forces shaping business, government, and society.

Atma Global is an award-winning developer of innovative learning solutions focusing on countries, cultures, business, and global topics for the corporate, government, travel, and education markets.

We integrate our understanding of business and social-sciences methodologies to derive perspectives on the global forces shaping business, government, and society.

Atma has been recognized by Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2024 for its range of learning solutions.

Atma means “higher understanding.” Our mission of “Bringing the World to You” enables people from around the world to better interact and communicate with one another, whether colleagues, customers, or other key stakeholders.

Atma Global - Most Innovative Company 2024 - Fast Company

We recently launched a digital subscription service, Atma Insights, a “Netflix-style solution” for global learning that offers proprietary videos. Atma Insights has won three Stevie Awards—a Gold, a Silver, and a Bronze—and an IELA award. We are disrupting how global professionals, higher-ed educators, students, and global enthusiasts access global learning content.

We provide digital learning content that offers a distinctive blend of accurate facts and analysis infused with a unique cultural framework, social-sciences methodology, philosophy, and editorial approach.

Customized Atma Learning solutions Expert

Utilizing our Cultural Framework methodology, our Atma Advisory provides thought leadership to global institutions, including the global Fortune 100 and government entities. Organizations have utilized our customized Atma Learning solutions (eLearning and instructor-led trainings) as well as our advisory expertise to better assess the impact of culture on specific global operations, including global strategy, business development, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, training programs, customer service, and human resources—enhancing the overall effectiveness of their initiatives and improving efficiencies and profitability.

At our core competence, we’re country, culture, business, and global affairs experts. We’re a recognized leader in the field of applying the social sciences to actionable business learning. Our content-development teams are seasoned global experts who are as diverse as our rich content. As a group, they are diverse in terms of race, gender, age, ethnicity, religion, geographic location, and experience. As experienced academics and businesspeople, our experts are highly trained, possess a master’s degree or PhD in business or the human sciences, and have experience working and living around the world.

We use an exhaustive process of checks and balances to ensure accuracy, quality, and integrity. Our teams create engaging, unbiased, and accurate material that brings each country and culture to life. Our team of experienced photographers and film editors create moving visuals that tell the complete story of a country and its people and immerse users in the local sights and sounds.

Atma Global | Atma Insights

Our digital content has been used by more than three million users, including professionals in diverse industries at eighty of the global Fortune 1000, professors and students at leading universities around the world, and global enthusiasts. Our unique strength focuses on our extensive global, cultural, and business expertise and incorporating it into leading-edge, engaging learning and information tools. Our best-of-class, technology-delivered learning products contain a unique mix of proprietary content developed in-house and presented in an engaging, accessible format, and are tailored to meet the needs of a range of audiences around the world.

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Atma provides the most efficient, reliable, and accurate way for users to build a solid, fact-based knowledge of country and cultural, nuances, international business practices, global history, and regional-national dynamics. We deliver higher understanding for a better future. 


What The Judges Have To Say

Atma Global - Most Innovative Company 2024 - Fast Company

“Our list of the Most Innovative Companies is both a comprehensive look at the innovation economy and a snapshot of the business trends that defined the year.”

Most Innovative Companies Awards 2024

“The EdTech Awards recognizes people for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

Featuring edtech’s best and brightest, the annual program shines a spotlight on cool tools, inspiring leaders, and innovative trendsetters across the K-12, Higher Education, and Skills and Workforce sectors.”

Ed Tech Awards 2022

“The North America Business Elite Awards are always a highlight for me, shedding light on companies across the nation, especially with consideration of the challenges all businesses and all industries have faced over the last year is such an honor. I offer a sincere congratulations to all of those acknowledged in this program and hope you all have a fantastic year ahead.”

North America Business Elite Awards 2021

“Atma Insights is a Netflix-style solution for global learners offering unique content for educators and students in a format that crosses borders and expands options.”

American Business Awards Judge

“Atma Insights is a savvy business solution and a helpful app that meets global learning needs. It provides professional learning solutions with great content for global businesses, providing important knowledge related to global business and insights into culture and diversity” so users can “be successful in business in each country.”

American Business Awards Judge

“Atma Insights provides professional learning solutions for education, helping educators access reliable, unbiased, accurate videos in a cost-efficient digital solution that meets the expectations of tech-savvy students. It is a good example for implementing professional solutions for both students and educators, delivered at the exact right time for online learning.”

American Business Awards Judge

“Atma Insights won an Honorable Mention for Mobile Learning in the 2020 International E-Learning Awards, Business Division. 

Honorable Mention for Mobile Learning